Fans Of Ryu Jun Yeol Make Generous Donation For Underprivileged Teenagers

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Hats off to the fans of Ryu Jun Yeol for another good deed!

Fans of South Korean actor Ryu Jun Yeol continued their yearly tradition of sharing their blessings to less fortunate people this year with a generous donation for underprivileged teenagers.

The actor’s fan club, Ryu’s Gallery, donated seven million won (more than $6,200) to the non-government organization, Save the Children Korea.

Ryu Jun Yeol

According to the NGO, the fan club’s donation was made in support of the organization’s Grow Up project in which Ryu participated in June this year. The Grow Up project provides sanitary products and health education to underprivileged female teenagers.

Through the project, Ryu’s Gallery aims to bring the conditions of these teenagers to the consciousness of more people and more actions to be done to help them.

“It was shocking to find out that some teenagers use tissues or shoe inserts because they can’t afford sanitary pads. We hope this act leads to more attention to help the girls,” the fan club said.

This donation was not the first time the fans of Ryu extended hands to those in need. Every year, Ryu’s Gallery raises funds to help the underprivileged in time for the actor’s birthday which falls on September 25.

Meanwhile, Ryu is set to meet his fans for a birthday fan meeting at the Kyunghee University Peace Hall in Seoul on September 15.