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K-Drama Premiere: “The Ghost Detective” Makes An Eerie Entrance That Unnaturally Hooks

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Make way for KBS2 TV’s latest hero in town, The Ghost Detective.

When KBS2 TV released the story sketch for The Ghost Detective, an impression of ghost chasing adventures in crime story background was expected.

So when it literally explained the series’ title as the story twist in the dying seconds of its pilot week, I know it will be an exciting ghost-busting journey for the ghost detective hero and the ghost-seeing heroine.

The Ghost Detective


Pilot Week Recap

Private Detective Lee Da Il (Choi Daniel) takes on a case involving missing children to save their office space. Jung Yeo Wool (Park Eun Bin) applies as a part-timer in Lee’s company, with an ulterior motive to solve the mysterious death of her sister, who committed suicide while working at a restaurant.

Close to laying all the puzzle pieces of the case in his mind, he orders Yeo Wool to go home. Da Il heads to the kindergarten school of the missing children, and finds two children inside boxes and a dog that was initially reported lost by the teacher.

On the brink of rescuing the last child kidnapped by the possessed teacher, he gets hit by a blunt object. Before fading out of consciousness, he sees a creepy woman (Lee Jin Ah) behind the teacher.

The Ghost Detective

Da Il is dragged to an isolated ground and gets buried alive. Police sirens wail in the neighborhood when the children rescued by Da Il reported what happened in the pre-school. But the cuprit, who took the children, already hanged herself in a grotesque way.

Da Il frees himself from the soil ground soaking him to find Yeo Wool, who confesses about the strange death of her sister Yi Rang. He coaches her to send a text message to all the people in the restaurant to bait the responsible person. A former colleague reveals the sexual harrassment Yi Rang received from the restaurant manager. At that same moment, the manager feels agitated receiving the text message, and even more when his son suddenly blabs why he killed Yi Rang.

They bump to a nearby post. When he wakes up, he fights off the hallucinations bothering him. He goes to the restaurant rooftop to jump, with Da Il and Yeo Wool trailing behind. Da Il lunges forward to prevent him from jumping, but only grabbed the wind, when he reaches for the manager. Yeo Wool successfully takes the manager back to a safe space, and confronts Da Il about the truth that he is already dead.

The Ghost Detective


As K-dramaland has a pool of writers who draws characters in the most fascinating way, establishing the wraith male lead right away and connecting him to the-lady-in-red-ghost villain easily piques the interest of the viewers. Adding the female lead as his bridge to the mortal world, the supernatural premise of The Ghost Detective looks ready for an interesting horizon to explore.

Not beating around the bush seems to be a trend that complements well to the K-drama landscape, especially for fans who need time to grieve for a character’s closure.

At least we know right away that Choi Daniel is going to be really a ghost detective, who is up to fight against a formidable ghost villain, since your ghost-detector heroine has validated it. We have a few weeks to accept his sad fate and that romance ala film Ghost might not fit in to the structure of the series, although we are not closing the possibility that it may be included.

The Ghost Detective

The scary thing though is how the sub plots will be inserted in the story, and how believable the motivation of the ghost-villainess is to rampantly cast wicked and manipulative powers to innocent people.

The opening week of The Ghost Detective has by far presented a few questions to be tackled as the story unfolds. Let’s hope that its potential goes to a direction that will make sense, at least in its supernatural sense. For now, the creepy and cryptic offering of the drama looks enticing to engage on.

The Ghost Detective airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2 TV.